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The difference between a great domain name and other marketing expenses is that you are acquiring a permanent, valuable and potentially resalable brand, which helps future customers define you - as opposed to renting keyword traffic from a search engine.

Owning a more meaningful domain name has become expensive with the average price of a common phrase or saying, ending in the dominant .COM extension, hovering between $9,000 and $30,000. In fact, the collective domain name industry consistently sells an estimated $5-10 million of domains each and every week at prices buyers are more than willing to pay.

Why are Good Domain Names Often Priced High?

Are they priced high? The debate about why domain names command so much value is never a debate between people who understand the value of them. Those who do not understand the premium value of domain names simply need to brush up on their understanding about the scarcity of the underlying asset and put jealousy aside.

 If one were to compare the price of almost anything to its “original” cost we could classify “everything” as expensive. A $3 bottled water costs how much to produce? A $300 pair of designer sunglasses probably cost less than a cup of coffee to manufacture!.

How Much is a Domain Name Worth?  

The business of selling land has been around for nearly a millennium. The Internet is only 25 years old. Domain names are certainly property in the online context, and many generic names are owned by astute investors who saw the future value of these properties long before it was popular to poke, tweet or surf. Just like traditional real estate, these individuals should be recognized as smart people who were in the right place at the right time.

Unless you have a registered trademark on a particular name or someone is intentionally capitalizing on a typographical variant of your registered trademark, no one is really “squatting” on a domain name. Everyone pays for the privilege of occupying their name via renewal fees. Real estate ownership is accepted by public opinion and so should domain name investing be.

A domain name is worth what anyone is willing to spend. Premium domains, category-killer domains and short-meaningful names frequently command “hundreds of thousands” or even “millions” of dollars, depending on a wide range of parameters. Look past the broad value spectrum and consider how a single $5,000 domain name’s cost compares to the value proposition of traditional media.

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